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There are lots of things that can cause car accidents: the weather, a mechanical malfunction, a broken traffic light… the list goes on. But the most common cause of car accidents is human error! There are tons of things you can do to lower the risk of getting into a crash.

Drive Sober

We’ve all heard it before, but don’t drink and drive! Drunk drivers still cause a huge number of car accidents every year.

Drive Rested

Driving tired can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence. Both lead to delayed reaction times, trouble focusing, and falling asleep at the wheel. If you start to feel tired, stop and rest.

Pay Attention to the Road

Distracted driving accidents have been on the rise, mostly because there are so many more things to distract us than there were in the good old days. Put your phone away, leave the radio alone, and keep both hands on the wheel.

Do your Research

Are you driving in an unfamiliar area? Look up directions before you go and leave yourself plenty of time just in case you get lost. Last minute turns and rushing through an unfamiliar area is dangerous. Before you leave, check the weather, consider the time of day and other traffic, and make sure your vehicle is in good shape.

Maintain your Vehicle

If you notice a new leak, sound, or smell, if you haven’t taken your car in for its regular maintenance recently, if a dashboard warning light turns on, remember that these are all signs that something is wrong with your car. Even if it seems small or starts with something small, every part of your vehicle is connected to another part and problems in one area can spread. Don’t neglect regular maintenance.

Turn Slowly

Blind left turns are a significant cause of accidents according to the NHTSA. If you can’t see around that big semi in front of you, wait!


While not everything is in your control, there are still a lot of precautions you can take to avoid a car crash. Reading this post is a great start – you’re already beginning to do your research!