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5 Important Options that Can Make Your Car Repair Safer

When it comes to car repairs, especially post-accident collision repairs, most of us are newbies! And really, that’s a good thing. If we were in car accidents often enough to know how to manage afterwards, that might be a bigger problem.

There are a few decisions that you have the right to make every time your car is repaired.

Choose where to have your car repaired.

You always have the right to choose where your car is repaired. If an auto insurance company is paying for your repair, you still have the right to choose where to have it repaired.

If the insurance company tries to tell you where to have your car repaired, that is called steering and it’s illegal. You should always feel safe and comfortable with the shop you choose for your repair.

Choose which replacement parts to use during your repair.

There are there different kinds of repair parts you can use on your car. Each has its own benefits and downsides, but the choice is yours.
Recycled Auto Parts are usually the cheapest kind. They’re often called “parts of like kind and quality” and they’re from a similar model, but they’ve been used on another car before.

Aftermarket Auto Parts can range in both price and quality. They are new, never-been-used parts that are made by a different manufacturer than the one who produced the parts for your car when it was new. They may have additional technology, they may be simpler or made with different materials, and they may increase or decrease the value of your car.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Auto Parts are brand new auto parts made by the same manufacturer who produced your original car parts. These parts may or may not still be available or what you want.

Choose to authorize repairs (or not).

Before your repair is performed, you’ll have an estimate of the costs. During your repair, it’s always possible for additional repairs to come up. They may be necessary or suggested, but before a repair technician can fix these new issues, you have the right to know what they are and what they’ll cost. You should get a written work order that lists the parts, repairs, and costs.